About Us

Meet the crew who make the magic happen:

Magenta Delecta

Magenta Delecta (Jacinta Bunnell): Many years ago, a celebrity judge emerged out of the wood paneling to purchase an underdog wrestling team known as Hudson Valley BRAWL. Not always upfront about where she obtains the cash to keep her wrestlers thriving in the Golden Age of ladies arm wrestling, she has built a thriving armed empire of muscles out of NOTHING. Her motto is and always will be NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND.
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Lucretia O. (Tricia Mazzocca): Mistress of Ceremonies, Celebrity Judge, Facebook Goddess of the BRAWL Universe.
Outside of BRAWL, Tricia is a therapist to those struggling with addictions.


Martini McBride (Annamaria Alfonso): Chaos Creator, Riot Control, Ms. Mixologist Extraordinaire



Kotton Kandi (Jenn Markwerth): The Icky Sticky Sweet Tweeter of the web, tweeting the word of BRAWL!