Ladies, put your wrists up!

Friday, April 13th 2018 Men’s Beauty Pagent, 7:00 pm
Rosendale Theater, Rosendale NY

Hudson Valley BRAWL, the mid-Hudson Valley’s charity fund raising, theatrical women’s arm wrestling league, has conspired once again to bring you the second ever Men’s Beauty Pageant. Eight contestants, self identifying as men, will compete for the illusive crown in three categories; talent, swimwear and evening attire.

Men's Beauty Pageant Flier 2018

Do not miss the live event, Friday April 13th, held again at the Rosendale Theater, where the first pageants diverse and eclectic contestants displays of masculinity and individuality tickled a sold out audience.

Expect heart rending displays of earnestness, gender-bending feats of fancy, live performances to bring down the house and a well needed reprieve from the all too current stew of toxic masculinity.

Join us as we uproariously flip the script, celebrating the vibrancy and complexity of men’s beauty within the glitz and ferocity of the time tested, deliciously sexist pageant format.

The Men’s Beauty Pageant (Hosted by Hudson Valley BRAWL) will be featuring guest celebrity judge and 2nd place winner Flamingo Delecta, DJ Ali spinning tunes and 8 beautiful male contestants

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Hudson Valley Brawl (Broad’s Regional Arm Wrestling League) is a competitive, theatrical, philanthropic women’s arm wrestling league. We were born out of inspiration, following in the steps of our Charlottesville, Virginia sisters in arms. Our first show in 2009 was welcomed by a crowd of 50 at the Black Swan in Tivoli, New York…and boy have things grown from there!

Our shows are exciting and energetic, bawdy and bizarre. The wrestling is absolutely real. We cajole cash out of the pockets of our audience members in the form of bets on our 8 lady wrestlers. It’s anybody’s game with wrestlers like Princess Slayah, Loco Lucia, Cinder Block, Hot Lips Houlihan, Granny Clamp-It, and Milk-o-Maniac at the table.

Each event benefits a local community organization, those focused on women and girls being some of our favorites. Some of our past beneficiaries include Phillies Bridge Farm to Families, the Grace Smith House, the Breast Feeding Initiative of Ulster County, and Planned Parenthood.

Our mission is empowerment. We empower the women who participate and organize our events, as well as the organizations we raise money for. So COME WITH FISTS FULL OF CASH and prepare yourselves for an outrageously great time.

We hope to see you at our next event!

Wrists Up!

Photo credits:
Gregory Ortiz – BRAWL Under the Stars
Darius Huppert – BRAWL to Benefit O+ at BSP Lounge